Monday, June 27, 2011

Mobicents SIP Presence 1.0.0.CR1 released

Hi there, say hello to Mobicents SIP Presence Service 1.0.0.CR1, the first
candidate release for the popular open source SIP Presence service
implementation, now adding RCS to supported standard networks.

What is new?

1) Performance & Stability:
+-- Latest SLEE 2.4.1.FINAL;
+-- Optimized SLEE app code, taking full advantage of custom Mobicents
JAIN SLEE 1.1 Extensions;
+-- Several issues fixed;
+-- Network Simulation tools ensures stable memory and performance
behavior on long runs.

2) XDM Server:
+-- XCAP Diff interface completed, fully compatible with RFC 5875, support
for XML Patch Ops included;
+-- IETF Presence Document Content Manipulation (RFC 4827) XCAP App
Usage, for storage of permanent presence state;
+-- OMA XDM 2.0 Presence Content XCAP App Usage, for storage of content
such as status icons;
+-- Optimized XCAP App Usage management, pooling of instances not
needed anymore;
+-- XCAP Diff Super Users support, these will have authorization to subscribe
changes in any document or collection.

3) Presence and Resource Lists Servers:
+-- Pres Rules Transformations, documents are now used not only to authorize
presence subscriptions, but to transform the presence state notified. Polite
blocking supported too;
+-- Service that monitors permanent presence state in the XDMS, such state is
then composed with the state published through SIP;
+-- Extended Accepted Presence Content:
   - OMA Extensions to PIDF and Presence Data Model, OMA PDE 1.0, OMA
PDE 1.1
   - IETF RFCs 3863, 4479, 4480, 4481, 4482, 4199, 5196;
+-- Simpler extension of accepted presence content, just drop xsd files in
related configuration directory and the server will automatically combine all
to achieve the supported documents schema;
+-- JAXB replaced with DOM in publication and subscription interfaces, faster
and better validation of state published, no unneeded XML namespaces in the
notified state;
+-- Multiple event packages now supported in the SIP Event Publication
Control, opens the door for the support of other publishing services in the
integrated server.

What is included?
+-- Mobicents XDM Server standalone installed in JBoss AS + Mobicents
+-- Mobicents XDM Server and Mobicents SIP Presence Servers integrated
installed in JBboss AS + Mobicents JAIN SLEE, plus two example
presence aware JAIN SLEE applications pre-deployed
+-- Mobicents SIP Presence Service binary package that you can use to
install XDM or Integrated servers in JBoss AS + Mobicents JAIN SLEE 2.4.1.FINAL

Download URL: